Ends on July 1, 2019

The purpose of grants for curriculum development is to support: (i) the creation of new courses that expose undergraduates to research in the humanities, neuro-, and social sciences that bear on a topic aligned with the FPR mission and CMB network objectives; or (ii) a significant revision to an existing undergraduate or graduate-level course. 

Ideally, the courses should be team-taught by faculty from different disciplines (e.g. a cultural or medical anthropologist and an evolutionary developmental biologist) who can engage, discuss, and debate their different perspectives during the length of the course but generally agree on a key takeaway for the students (e.g., the key takeaway in the biology/anthropology example above, in addition to a better understanding of different disciplinary epistemologies, might be that “biological processes are real, and also constructed.”) See Somatosphere.net for examples of syllabi.

The FPR will offer 5 grants per year for up to $5000. Funds are provided on a one-time-only basis.